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New Toys: The Fitbit

29 Jan

After a bout with a nasty 48-hour-ish bug over the holidays, I’m down to the weight I’ve always thought I wanted to be. I’m still not thrilled with the way I look, particularly in the belly region, and so I’m trying to step up my workouts and cut back on some of the bad foods I love to eat.

Actually, I’m not working very hard at either increasing my workout intensity (or even consistency), and I totally ate a bowl of German Chocolate Cake ice cream last night.

I’m just lacking motivation. Maybe it is the frigid weather.

In any case, this looks so totally cool. I’m seriously considering buying one. Mostly to track my sleep habits. I am obsessed with sleep (primarily with the idea that my quality of sleep sucks), and I think this might be a neat way to also get my calorie consumption under control again.

It could also be a total sink of one hundred dollars. I’m on the fence.

This doesn’t bode well for my checking account.

5 Oct

My applications are finished, and because I’m not planning on doing much else with my semester, I’ve been spending a lot of time online window shopping. 

I’m currently in the market for a tiered, flouncy skirt to wear with the following things  that I already own:

I’ve been looking really hard for a flounced or tiered white and black mini skirt with lace. I realize that is very particular, and I probably won’t end up finding one. I’ll settle for flouncy or tiered in any color, lacy or not. (I’ve tried the tights and boots on with the denim mini skirts I already own, and I look like a prostitute. As mentioned before, I am making a concerted effort not to look like a whore when I leave the house. )

Breathing? Overrated.

4 Oct

My madre is coming into town to take me shopping today. On my list of things that I need for the coming holiday season is shapewear. (And those grommet-studded BCBG peep-toes I referenced in a previous post, of course.)

I’ve struggled with this decision for a long time, but I think now is the time to make a commitment to accepting reality and making the best of what I have. I work out (a combination of running, elliptical training, stationary rowing, and yoga) at least five times a week. I eat my vegetables, fruit, and lean or healthy fatty protein (salmon for the win!), and I rarely, rarely eat highly processed carbs. I try not to binge drink too much. Despite my generally healthy lifestyle, I do enjoy food, and by food I mean college town pizza and breadsticks.

If I gave up all of the bad-for-me foods that I eat on occasion as well as the sometimes-after-dinner glass of red wine and every-other-weekend tequila shots, I could probably lose those last five pounds. But I like pizza, and I like red wine, and I like shooters. (I also like coffee flavored ice cream.) I don’t believe in sacrificing an otherwise happy (and healthy!) life to lose five pounds. Even more relevant to this shapewear discussion is that even if I did give up all of the things that I like, I’d still have an annoying tummy pooch thanks to the genetically predetermined way that my body stores fat. (Thanks, Mom.)

So. Shapewear. 

My best friend first started experimenting with shapewear in high school. At 5’5”, she is two inches taller than me yet still floats somewhere in my weight range  of 125-130 pounds. In high school, she was probably closer to 120 pounds. She is phenomenally long-torsoed and lean.  She did not, and does not, in any way need shapewear. (She is also blonde, blue-eyed, and the most genuinely kind and funny person I have ever met. She is the girl of your dreams. If I was a lesbian, she would be the girl of my dreams.) If she can justify buying and wearing the modern-day version of a corset, I can, too. 

I’m leaning toward Spanx, but I’ll have to try all of this fun stuff on and see which inhibits my breathing the least while still holding everything in. (Seriously, this is why girls have so many shoes. Nothing needs to be sucked in to try on shoes. I have never felt fat while shoe shopping.)