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Coulda Been

17 Aug

If I hadn’t deferred, I would’ve been oriented to my new school today (and for the rest of the week).

1Ls, what did I miss? Did you have an awesome time? Did you drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up each others [1L] awesomeness?

(Does one ever get too old to quote Mean Girls? I think not.)

I’m torn between jealousy and relief. Since I chose to not be in your shoes today, I’m going to side with relief. But I’ll be living vicariously through you all for the next year!

Not Covered in Obama’s Plan

9 Nov

No, I don’t mean abortion. I am having LASIK today. Because I’ve worn glasses or contacts since second grade, this is very exciting. Also, I get Valium.


The Resume, Continued

11 Oct

Now that the law school applications are in, it’s time to begin resurrecting my “Pick Me, Pick Me!” essay writing skills and tweaking my law school application resume to apply for a summer internship. 

In a particular application package, I am instructed to include on my resume a description of relevant coursework and my SAT Math and Verbal scores.

Two things:

1. Relevant coursework? Relevant to what? Abstract theorizing about the nature of God? Explanations of voter behavior and patterns à la What’s the Matter with Kansas? No? Ahhh, I think I get it. They mean coursework relevant to this position, and by extension, useful in the real world. Yeah, I have none of that. Moving on..

2. SAT Math and Verbal? Joy! I haven’t had the chance to brag about this in years. I feel like Christmas came early.

I am the consumer advertisers wish all consumers were.

5 Jun

As unlikely as it seems, I feel more relaxed now, the weekend before the test, than I have in weeks. I’m going to run with this.

I’ve mentioned before that I have interests unrelated to law school. One of those happens to be hair care. (Some of my interests are shallow. I like to be well-rounded, and that is impossible if I only involve myself in cerebral pursuits. Actually, I am just an inherently vapid person who is lucky to also be smart, which seems to be enough to convince most people that I have depth.) My hair is probably my best physical feature; it’s shiny and soft, does the curly thing well, and grows quickly to pretty impressive lengths without doing that nasty, thinning ends thing.

I have to take care of it, though, and until last week, I thought I was doing a great job. I get the dead ends cut off every couple of months, deep condition a couple times a week, avoid shampooing every day, and use heat protectant when I straighten or curl it. I suppose this might be a “duh” thing, but apparently, all of those good hair care practices are secondary to the type of shampoo one uses. 

I have a general belief that most similar commercial products are just that–similar. If they are comparable in price and what they claim to do, I accept that two products are essentially interchangeable in terms of quality. (I also believe ninety percent of everything I read. But that’s a story for another day.) This is not true of shampoo (and probably isn’t true of most other products, either).

The shampoo I used almost perfectly consistently for years (until last week), Pantene Pro-V, apparently sucks. According to the stylist who cut my hair last week, Pantene contains an ingredient, a wax to be specific, that is not so great for hair. It coats hair with a substance that makes it feel soft without actually conditioning it. If you know anything about hair, you know that coating hair consistently with anything that doesn’t eventually come off is not good news. Really not good news. 

I Googled this rumor about Pantene, and of course, found nothing conclusive. Whether or not Pantene actually leaves a waxy residue on hair is not something to be decided definitively by me. I figured, though, that switching up hair products wouldn’t hurt, so I went out and picked up some Rusk Sensories. (No, I had never heard of it, either.) One week later, my hair feels lighter. Not significantly softer or smoother, but definitely lighter. I could attribute that to no longer applying wax to my hair on a regular basis, but I don’t really know. I don’t want to start Pantene-bashing because it certainly served me well for at least a decade and a half. Also, there is a pretty decent argument to be made against the Pantene/plastic rumor.

What is the main point being made in this [non]argument of mine? (Not approaching everything like it is an LSAT question is more difficult than you might think.) Believe everything you read and have fun playing with the new products you will consistently and inevitably be led to buy. You may end up with lighter hair than you had before.