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11 Aug

I like to make lists.  For a person as neurotic and anxiety-ridden as I happen to be, lists are life-saving. Even the process of making a list is soothing. My law school apps list looks like this:

  • CV
  • LORs
  • Transcripts
  • PS
  • Addenda
  • NYU-specific addendum
  • Dean’s Certs
  • Why X (times 4)
  • Yale 250

I’m in a good place, considering that apps aren’t even available, yet. So why do I feel like this?

I hope I didn’t accidentally throw it away.

10 Aug

I can’t find my flash drive.

Because the airline industry sucks (to be succinct), and I can’t check any bags without paying fifty bucks (which I don’t have), I am not taking my laptop. The plan, instead, is to print my essays on campus, edit the hardcopies in the air, and make further adjustments on my brother’s computer when I get to Tucson.

Not having my flash drive complicates these plans a bit. I don’t feel much like emailing myself all of my essays.


Oh, not to mention that most of my life is backed up on my flash drive. That contributes to the “ouch” factor considerably.

The Personal Statement Revisited

29 Jul

“Tell the admissions committee something about yourself that is interesting, insightful, funny, charming, smart, and will convince the committee that you are better than the thousands of other people who will also be writing such essays. 

Note: When composing your statement, please take into consideration that if you have not cured HIV/AIDS, you are not special or impressive.”

Addendum A: Why you?

30 Jun

Q: Why [insert T14 school here]?

A: Because my numbers are comfortably within/above your percentile ranges. Also, I like your colors.


That isn’t going to get me in, I don’t think. Time to start the law school research.