The Future Bitter Lawyer?

25 Jun

What is an almost-law-student to do when coming across things like this?

I think I, and most other future or current law students, would be foolish to not consider what truth and universality might be found in lists like this one. As always, I wonder how any of us are really supposed to know whether we are suited to practicing law without having ever actually, you know, practiced law.

2 Responses to “The Future Bitter Lawyer?”

  1. Paralegal Hell July 16, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    I linked this article to my blog because a few weeks ago I was blogging about why Lawyers can be so miserable to work for. I found a great article on the topic, but added this one as well. Thanks for the link.
    Paralegal Hell


  1. Fridays From the Frontline « Clear Admit: Law School Admissions Blog - July 23, 2010

    […] 0L Law School Dreamer anxiously awaited her LSAT score, momentarily wished not to see it, but, in the end, happily reported her result. 0L Miss-B balanced LSAT study prep with her continued Masters work. 0L Vodka Sours wondered if she was on her way to becoming a bitter lawyer. […]

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